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Is a proprietary innovation of Clay Barclay*, founder and CEO of Cyberacoustics Laboratory LTD.  This is a recording technique that we utilize for live recording that brings the studio quality (or better) to the recorded CD from the live stage. It functions in the advanced digital domain and provides a supreme clarity in sonic image and depth to the recording process heretofore unobtainable.
In simple terms, it instills an extraordinary stereo image** to the recording and provides a full spectrum reproduction of your band from the silkiest high tones to the robust deep clarity of the low tones.
CyberSonicSound has to be heard to be believed.
Enclosed are some Mp3 Samples***

*Clay has been recording professionally for over 40 years. For the past 20 years, Clay has specialized in JAZZ Recording. His experience is vast and also includes Classical Symphony Orchestra, Classic Rock, Environmental Sounds of Nature and numerous other forms of music.

** It allows the listener to hear a more natural image of left center and right, as well as front to back depth in the image.
CSS captures the sparkle and clarity of all the musical instruments that allows the listener to appreciate the detail of all the individual musical instruments much the same as if the listener were sitting right in front of the band.
This technique removes the blur of “standard type” recordings.

*** The final “wave files” are actually even better!




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